jueves, 30 de octubre de 2008

Colada Morada....Yummy

Buenos días,

on the occasion of All Soul´s Day (aka "Day of the Dead") on the upcoming Sunday, November 2th - the day to remember the loved ones that have passed away, Vida Verde celebrated this day in a very special way.
In Ecuador people enjoy a warm fruit juice called Colada Morada which contains blueberry, blackberry and pineapple. Versions of the juice differ from region to region. Some will also use naranjilla juice (an Andean fruit), babaco (champagne fruit), strawberries, and even raisins.

Students and teachers enjoy their Colada Morada during lessons break

Along with the juice we had bread to eat. But before we could start to enjoy the feast, Patty explained to us the traditional background of having this warm, red coloured drink with bread.
the drink is red it stands for blood, the bread stands for a human body. In order to free oneself from all bad thoughts and low energy one is supposed to dip the end of the bread into the drink. Only then are you allowed to start to eat and drink.

Thank you very much to Rosi, Gabi and Patty who have prepared the feast and brought us the indigenous custom a bit closer.