jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2008


How much fun can it be to learn the Spanish words for all the different vegetables when you get to eat them later?? During our lessons break yesterday each of the students and teachers took turns to name a type of vegetable. If someone failed or repeated a vegetable that had already been called out that person would have to do something to make up for it, i.g. dance salsa with someone. Afterwards students and teachers were devided into groups of 4 and each of them received a salad recipe. Each group had to find their ingredients in the kitchen and make a salad. Still looking a bit sceptical, Arturo and Gustavo (right) made a wondeful salad with aguacate, tomates and some delicious salsa.

Some people have not been too lucky with their choice of salad recipe given. Poor Mike had to make a salad containing his "favourite" vegetable of all times - BEETS!! After having accidently eaten beets soup on our trip to Mindo the other weekend he now thinks someone evil wants him to catch up on all the beets-dishes his mom made him in his childhood and which he had been succesfully avoiding until now. Who knows maybe he will start cooking his own beet-dish soon... ;)

Good job to everyone, we surely enjoyed every bit of the 6 different salad versions.
Thanks! :-)

viernes, 21 de noviembre de 2008

Bye, bye Chikara!!!

After he had been with us for nearly 4 months and has sweetened our day with his unique and cheerful personality, we now had so say "goodbye" to a great singer and entertainer - Chikara!!

We hope you still will be around sometimes, take care and please keep on singing!! :)

We have surely enjoyed having you with us! When will be the next concert??

lunes, 17 de noviembre de 2008

Mindo - a perfect weekend

Ohh, what a weekend we had! I guess we still cannot believe that we are back in Quito. Our short stay in Mindo felt like a week of vacation.

On Saturday morning, after we all met ON TIME at 7am at the Casa Vida Verde, we took the bus to Mindo - a very chilled place only 2 hours northwest of Quito. When we arrived it was hard to believe that car alarms, traffic jams and crowded city busses were only a few k´s away from us. In Mindo welcomed us with a very warm climate, the sun was shining and we all happy. Walking to our hostel - Casa de Cecilia, which I can highly recommend!! - we decided on having breakfast before we head off to explore what Mindo has to offer.
We could have easily stayed in the hostel, hanging out in the hammocks and just enjoy the silence and the calm purl of the river nearby.

After some of us had some breakfast and others enjoyed a cup of coffee or a glass of fresh juice (Mike went for Beets soup - no one knows why?! :)) we took a taxi that brought us to the tarabita - a cablecar that takes us across the treetops to the side to a series of 7 waterfalls.
We hiked up and down through partially very adventurous parts to explore every single waterfall and finally had a cold wash in the last one. Back in Mindo we went out to eat pizza at a very overprized restaurant but the pizza was delicious.

Since there is not much to do at night in Mindo, we were in bed before midnight and started the next day very early at around 7.30am. After a very tasty breakfast at the hostel we enjoyed the day tubing in the Río Mindo and we visited the Butterfly farm "Mariposas de Mindo" where we could watch butterflies hatch. That was quite an experience! The afternoon we just spent in the hammocks reading, sleeping or talking.

Tubing on the River Mindo

At the Marisposas

Now we are back in Quito working and studying Spanish again ;) We spoke way too much English and German at the weekend! Back to Spanish again! :)

Hasta luego!

lunes, 10 de noviembre de 2008

Good Bye Daniel!

Dear friends,
many things have happened the last 2 weeks.

After weeks of hard practise after work, at nights and during Spanish lessons we all enjoyed a fantactic concert by Chikara, Ellen, Ilona, René and Hugo at Cafelibro. The band - mixed with members from all over the world (Germany, Japan, the Netherlands and Ecuador) - offered a broad variety of songs covering nearly every genre in four different languages - german, japanese, spanish and english. The audience, mostly friends
and family members from Vida Verde, also sang along to songs from The Beatles, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Bill Withers.

"Ain´t no sunshine when *he* is gone" as one of the last songs that night was dedicated to our good friend Daniel who has worked for Vida Verde for 2 months and has now taken off to explore South America with his freshly pimped Landcruiser "Antonio Azul".

For his farewell party last Wednesday we had cheese-fondue and looots of wine at the Casa Vida Verde. We ate until we were stuffed and then lumbered on the sofas singing along to the sound of Rene´s and Chikara´s guitar until our voices were sore.
Only the neighbor could stop us - at 5am the next morning!

Thanks to everyone who joined and save travels to you, Daniel!!!