jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2008


How much fun can it be to learn the Spanish words for all the different vegetables when you get to eat them later?? During our lessons break yesterday each of the students and teachers took turns to name a type of vegetable. If someone failed or repeated a vegetable that had already been called out that person would have to do something to make up for it, i.g. dance salsa with someone. Afterwards students and teachers were devided into groups of 4 and each of them received a salad recipe. Each group had to find their ingredients in the kitchen and make a salad. Still looking a bit sceptical, Arturo and Gustavo (right) made a wondeful salad with aguacate, tomates and some delicious salsa.

Some people have not been too lucky with their choice of salad recipe given. Poor Mike had to make a salad containing his "favourite" vegetable of all times - BEETS!! After having accidently eaten beets soup on our trip to Mindo the other weekend he now thinks someone evil wants him to catch up on all the beets-dishes his mom made him in his childhood and which he had been succesfully avoiding until now. Who knows maybe he will start cooking his own beet-dish soon... ;)

Good job to everyone, we surely enjoyed every bit of the 6 different salad versions.
Thanks! :-)