viernes, 16 de enero de 2009

Mercado de Frutas

The Fruitmarket of Vida Verde

Dear Vida Verde friends,

it has been a while since you last heard from us but as you probably know the first days of the New Year are always a bit hectic. We surely hope you are all well and are enjoying the time whereever you are right now. After we had such a wonderful sunny day yesterday it has turned pretty cold today and it seems so quiet in the streets. We wonder if people are precautious and stay at home to avoid another chaotic day like we had yesterday. Late in the afternoon the electricity was gone in 70% of the country and led to chaos in some parts of Quito, esp. in the streets. Busses and cars were not moving, candles were lit in the houses, registers in shops were not working and people were sitting, waiting and hoping the electricity would come back. After a couple of hours it eventually did.

But before all that happened we had a wonderful day at school.
Right now we are about 13 students from the United States, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and Japan.
The students task for the break yesterday was to present and introduce all kind of exotic fruits - from Pineapple and Papaya to Maracuja. Each of the student chose one fruit and told the group what was so special about it, what does it good for us and our body except for tasting delicious.
We all got to try the fruits after we learned everything about them - and they only do us good, therefore we enjoyed them even more!!

The students had made notes and read out what they had found out about their fruit. Of some fruits they have never heard of and the names had to be repeated several times by the teachers - Toxi, Taxi or Taxo? Tim gave us an idea of his Taxo fruit.

Platanos or Bananas? - Kazu tells us what he knows about it - tan chistoso!

Michael (USA)

Rita and Michael from Germany