martes, 3 de marzo de 2009

Thank you CARPE DIEM!

The group from CARPE DIEM

On their 12 weeks educational program through South America the group from Carpe Diem International made a 2-weeks stopover in Quito. 6 students and one of their leaders Adam took Spanish classes in the morning. During their stay in Quito Heather (leader) and Adam lived at the Casa Vida Verde while their students were accomodated with Ecuadorian families to practise their Spanish. Two girls of the group were staying with Rosa's family and clearly enjoyed it there. Talkactive and outgoing have they quickly become friends with other students at her house and in school.
Besides Spanish classes did the group also take part in our Salsa lessons and cooking classes. Since most of the afternoon activities were organized by their leaders we spend time together at night playing Spanish Pictionary, having Pizza and going out practising our Salsa steps.

We all have fully enjoyed having you here and we wish you all the best for the rest of your travels. Travel save and hopefully we will see each other on your way back in Quito.

Take care and save travels, Vida Verde staff