martes, 26 de mayo de 2009

Happy Hour

Our Happy Hour Evenings are getting more and more popular, not just people from the school are going but also people who are staying in Casa Vida Verde are joining. Last Thursday, we were a group of 13! Like always, we started our "tour" at Azúca where they have the best mojitos and Plantain-Chips. We had a couple of drinks, lots of laugh, interesting talks and took dozens of pictures. Even Rosa, the school director, joined! After a while, we decided to move on, but half of the group wanted to go to dance salsa, the other half preferred to check out another bar. So we split up, and since I was in the salsa-group I can just speak for us, but we definitely had a great night.

lunes, 18 de mayo de 2009

Horsebackriding in the Pululahua-Crater

On Saturday, a group of 5 people from the school went horseback riding in the Pululahua Volcano. Nevertheless, we were not the only ones; mixed with other tourists and 2 guides, we were 12 people in total. Pick up was at 9am in Quito and our exciting day started. We were heading all the way to the Mitad del Mundo and a bit further, until we arrived to the Pululahua, which is a geobotanical reserve. From there, it took us more than an hour until we reached the bottom of the crater. The Pululahua is one of the only two inhabited volcanic caldera in the world and one of the largest craters worldwide. Once we arrived at the Horse Ranch, the big question was "which horse for which rider", and the decision was not easy to make for Astrid (originally from Germany), the owner or the ranch. However, thirty minutes later, we all had our horses and were ready to take off :) And definitely, the pictures of the area we saw before in the internet didn't promise too much, but it was absolutely wonderful! The landscape was incredible, the horses very reliable and friendly, and the whole tour was just perfect. Our two tour guides, Astrid and Antonia, had a lot to tell about the history of the volcano. After one hour of riding, we had a delicious lunch in a hostería, and we even could watch Colíbris while eating. After this great meal we were ready for another 3 hours on our horses. For me, the tour could have been twice as long, although, on the next day, I paid the consequences: my butt and legs hurt like crazy and I am sure I was not the only one with this problem…Anyway, it was definitely worth it and I would do it again without even thinking it twice!!!