viernes, 24 de julio de 2009

Farewell of our beloved Joanne

At 74 years old, Joanne from New Zealand was one of our most active and adventuresome students. She was attending our school since March, and after 3 months, she decided, for much to the joy of everyone, to extend her staying for another month in Ecuador to continuing her studies. Unfortunately, that month came fast and we had a farewell for her, where she gave us a soft heartening farewell speech and sponsored chips with guacamole and a cake. For sure her family could not wait to have her back home any longer. Life is life and good times sometimes are over sooner that we would want.

During that time, it was also the last weekend for two other students, Jerry from Canada who was staying with us for 6 weeks, and Lindsay from the US who was here for 3 weeks. They as well delivered a little speech. We had a very nice, but on the same time sad celebration.

Joanne: It was very nice to meet you and we all had a great time with you, we wish you all the best and hope that you will come back to Quito soon!

The whole Vida Verde Team