lunes, 20 de julio de 2009

Weekend at the beach

Our adventurous transportation for the weekend
This weekend, we were actually planning to go to the "Fiestas del Chagra" (sort of a cowboy festival) in Machachi, which was cancelled due to an animal epidemic. So we had to find a "Plan B" quickly, and we decided to go to the beach, more precisely to Muisne, which is a small island in the Province of Esmeraldas. To get there, we had to take the night bus on Friday. After a 6 hours ride we arrived in Esmeraldas, and after a 5 minutes wait we could enter another bus from the company "Costeñita" which brought us to the part of Muisne which is located on the mainland. There were already small boats waiting which brought us for $0.20 per person to the island. Once we arrived at the island (after a 2-3 mins boat-trip), there were tricicletas (vehicle with three wheels, pushed or pulled by a motorcycle, look at the picture) waiting, the most common means of transportation, since cars can just enter through a little ferry and have to pay a fee to enter the island. This tricicletas brought us from the little town directly to the beach, where we met a friend of us who is volunteering there, Janine, and her Ecuadorian boyfriend, Gorcky. They accompanied us to our hostel which was called "Playa Paraíso" and soon we found out that the hostel itself wasn't really a paradise as it was not too clean not to mention very old (e.g. the door to one of our rooms wasn't closable, so the custodian had to fix it first, what just partly succeeded, and for locking the doors we just got rusty locks). But the hostel was located directly at the beach, which was definitely an advantage.
The weather didn't look too pleasant yet, but we were confident that the sun would show up soon, thing that unfortunately didn't happen the whole day. Despite that we didn't get discouraged and went to a little village’s festival where we ate some typical food. In the afternoon, Gorcky organized a boat tour for us to the mangrove forest and later to the Isla Bonita, which was lots of fun. At night, we had dinner in a delicious little seafood restaurant. Afterwards, we went to a beach bar with a nice bonfire at the beach where we were hanging out for a while. On Sunday, the weather was still not better, so after a visit in the town and a walk at the beach we got our luggage ready and went for lunch to the same restaurant from the evening before, and again it was delicious. Finally, we already had to head back to Quito where we arrived at 11 at night.

Boattour to the mangrove forest

Relaxing on the Isla Bonita