jueves, 14 de enero de 2010

An enjoyable weekend at the countryside of Chontal

Time is flying, because this update is about a trip we went on a month ago already. Excuse me for the delay...
Rosa, as the director our warm heart of the school, talked to me the week before about a miss-election in Chontal, a little town about two hours from Quito where she grew up. Her daughter Diana was going to participate in the election, mainly to convince some of the shy local girls to join as well and add up some spice to the annual festivities.
Just that weekend three students were staying at Rosa´s house, because she is part of one of our Ecuadorian families in which we offer a homestay for our students. She didn´t want to leave them alone at her house the entire weekend, while she loves to visit places with them too. It looked like a bit of a complicated situation, but then we thought about the idea of going all together. The students immediately got enthusiastic about our plan, so a few days later we headed north with the twelve of us.

After a short hike to the little river and a short snap of a local soccer match (see the pictures above), we had a delicious lunch at the restaurant of Rosa´s sister Susana. The fried fish was incredibly tasty, just like we couldn´t get enough of the rice and vegetables. In the afternoon we went up to the farm of Rosa´s parents. Although the weren´t living there anymore, it was still a paradise of ripe fruits, like bananas, cacao and sugar-cane:

They also used to make sugar, which was an interesting process:

At night it was great to be part of the festivities, with the miss-election as the main and definitely unforgettable event. After the presentation of the four candidates, the crowd was asked to make noise to the extent they liked each girl. Despite our fanatic support for Diana (´¡vamos Diana, vamos!´), as planned a local girl won the election:

The morning after we had the opportunity to join Rosa´s brother in law Lucio to milk his cows. A hilarious start of the day, while some of us (me included) had never milked a cow:

There was about an hour left before lunch and the ride back, which was used by some of us to cool off a little in the river. And try to get to the other side, which was quite a challenge with the strong current:

An enjoyable weekend came to an end... Thanks Rosa and family for your great hospitality!