viernes, 26 de marzo de 2010

Adventurous Baños

After the great but very relaxed weekend in the jungle of Naranjito, it was time for some more action. Baños seemed the perfect destination, with an active volcanoe and lots of possible outdoor activities. We could go rafting, skydiving, hiking or even bungee-jumping. Nevertheless, the most attractive option for our first day was renting some quads:

We explored the beautiful surroundings of Baños, with its many stunning waterfalls, deep valleys and fantastic look-outs:

Later that day, it started to rain and one of the quads got some engine problems, which made the trip really adventurous. Fortunately we got it all solved quickly, after which the beers at night tasted even better:

On Sunday we had to catch the bus back to Quito in the afternoon, so after a delicious breakfast we decided to relax a bit in the thermal public pools:

Thanks everybody for the great weekend!