miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011

¡Vamos a bailar chicos!

Would you like to dance like a Latino?
A lot of people come to Ecuador to experience a different culture and dancing is definitely part of it. Even though Salsa is not a traditional dance of Ecuador it is one of the most popular ones!
You never know ...maybe it is one of your sleeping talents, maybe you won't be successful the first time ...but it is definitely worth trying it.
We will organize individual classes for you or, if you prefer classes in a group, find other people for you to join.

But if you really want to learn it, you have to practice a lot. So lets go out ..for example in La Ronda. This is one street in Quitos old town with a lot of colonial styled bars and restaurants, typical food and drinks and mostly live music.
Our school likes to meet there during the evening and to introduce students in the Ecuadorian way of life. Try Canelazo, a hot alcoholic cinnamon drink, and afterwards you just want to dance ..it might be easier as well :)

martes, 21 de junio de 2011

Learn outside the class room

Can you imagine going to a market without knowing the majority of the fruits? You have never seen them before, you don't know the names or what they taste like.

Visiting a typical Mercado is one of the most authentic attractions during a stay in Southamerica and part of the everyday life ...so it is in Ecuador. Therefore it is important to learn more about the variety of fruits in this country and which is the best place for it when not our school?

One opportunity is our Mercado de frutas in the school: Students learn about the saisonal fruits in the familiar atmosphere of our school. They read, listen and explain about it and simply enjoy the fantastic taste.

But there are other ways as well: We just like to call it Fiesta de las frutas. Learn about fruits and the needed vocabulary together with your teacher and enjoy the Ecuadorian way of fiesta with music and games.

Last but not least you have the opportunity to sign up for our package to explore the real mercado with your teacher and other students. There you will find more than just fruits: vegetables, meat, fish, cheese ...a lot of people chatting and eating, women trying to catch your attention.
Go shopping and experience the busy life in an Ecuadorian market.