martes, 30 de julio de 2013

Cotopaxi National Park, March 2013

Traveling to the highest, active vulcano worldwide, it is the dream of everyone who comes to Ecuador. Hence we planned a one day trip to the Cotopaxi National Park. First we went to the lagoon to have a walk.

Just a short ride away from the lagoon is the refugee, located at the Cotopaxi itself, on 4800m above sea level. The parking spot is only 300m below the refugee, but it took us almost one hour to hike all the way up. But is was worth the pain ;)

Quilotoa, 20th of July

Quilotoa, 20th of July!

Two weeks ago we had many new students coming in and all of them really wanted to feel the spirit of Quilotoa.
The school booked a private car that brought all of us safely to the destination!

When we arrived at the summit, we all agreed at the
same moment that we have to descend to the beautiful shimmering lake. Even though it seems quiet close, it took as more than one hour to get to the beach, where we finally could strech out and and enjoy the sun!
 The way back was kind of struggeling for the ones, who just arrived to Quito and did not have the chance to get used to the altitude. Therefore, some students decided beforehand to ride the way back to the summit on the back of a horse.
After meeting each other up-hill, we had lunch and prepared ourselves slowly for the way back home.                                                                                                                                                            

Daytrip to Mindo in July

We were only a small group this time but anyhow managed to go to Mindo for a day! We set off from the terminal Ofelia in Quito and after a two hours drive we were there!
We made it a relaxing day and walked all along the river to the huge greenhouse of butterflies.

After the visit we were strolling around and had a pick-nick at the riverside. On our way back to the terminal, we decided to reward ourselves with one of Mindo's famous brownies!