lunes, 5 de agosto de 2013

Otavalo, Waterfall and indigenous festival in Cayambe

3. August 2013 Otavalo, Waterfall Peguche and indigenous anniversary in Cayambe

11 students, good mood and a great trip!

We started from school at 7am and first went to visit the animal market in Otavalo. From there on, just some minutes further away, the driver, Hugo, dropped us all off right at the huge market in Otavalo. 3 hours of bargaining and walking made us tired, why we had some great lunch close-by!

At around 2 pm we continued our trip to the waterfall Peguche: It was just stunning. Some minutes walking brought as to a cave with a hidden waterfall, which was even more beautiful!

I think I may talk for everyone saying that the trip's best part was the indigenous festival close to Cayambe. We had some beers and even more empanadas, dancing with people and enjoying the friendly atmosphere.