lunes, 9 de septiembre de 2013

Puerto Lopez, Isla de la Plata and whale-watching

Puerto Lopez 24th-25th of August 2013

Our trip started from school, after classes. Still ahead of us was a long busride of around 10 hours, but we tried to make to most of it!

Once arrived at Puerto Lopez, in our hostal Monte Libano, we filled our selves up with delicious food and we relaxed with a couple of local beers.

 Saturday was the day of the days:

Right after breakfast, we went to the travel agency, that was in charge of our trip.
The captain navigated us successfully to the spots were the whales were jumping and playing, on our way to the island!
Arriving at the Isla de la Plata, the small brother of the Galapagos, we started the mendatory walk to the ranger, since she/he will always decide which group will go to which part of the island.
One of the island's attractions is certainly the bluefooted-boobie, and the redfooted-boobie.
After visiting the island, we had another 30 minutes for snorkeling on a riff along the island. It was amazing seeing and swimming with clownfishes (Nemo) and tortoises in their natural habitat!
Besides all the fun things, we were stuck in traffick on the way home for more or less 4 hours. We gained another new experience:
No one ever waited longer at KFC to order food than we did this day (easily one hour)!