jueves, 19 de diciembre de 2013




Pichincha is an active stratovolcano in the country of Ecuador, whose capital Quito wraps around its eastern slopes. The mountain's two highest peaks are the Guagua (4,784 metres (15,696 ft)), which means "child" in Quichua and the Rucu (4,698 metres (15,413 ft)), which means "old person".

The view is amazing, considering the height!
Surely, you must be lucky with the weather conditions, that are pretty random on the volcano! But once you have a clear view, you see over Quito and much further!

In October 1999, the volcano erupted and covered the city with several inches of ash. Prior to that, the last major eruptions were in 1553 and in 1660, when about 30 cm of ash fell on the city.

Nevertheless, there are always some students brave enough to climb it all the way up. Actually it is a fantastic way to be close to nature and close to the city. Because of the height, some people experience trouble while they are hiking, since of the lack of oxygen.. Therefore you can get yourself a horse and do it cowboy-style!

Now, I let the pictures talk for themselves!