lunes, 16 de diciembre de 2013

We are Vida Verde!

                                                               …Study Spanish for a lifetime!

Vida Verde was the first green Spanish school in Quito, and pioneer in the world of online Spanish classes. This might be one reason why we have quite some students coming in for improving their Spanish skills, or even start into a new part of their lives, attending their first Spanish classes! Other people are just dropping by while traveling through South America and need the necessary vocab for surviving :). The students tells us what (s)he wants and we go for it!
We are known to be a small, but very personal school, that adjust itself to the student's needs. Students can take as many hours and many days of classes as preferred, one-on-one or in group. We help students getting around in Ecuador, showing them around, in and outside of Quito, as well as looking for apartments or ecological projets where they might fit in.
On weekends students usually look forward to getting out of town and visiting some of the sites outside of Quito. The school organizes weekend trips. The excursions are not part of the academic program though students will have plenty of opportunity to practice Spanish.

One of Vida Verde's ideology is: Escape the classroom - and make learning Spanish effective and enjoyable. There is always the opportunity to go on short excursions during class time: Quito and the surrounding area provide a great outdoor learning environment! Our teachers know many places - hidden gems as well as tourist attractions that are fun to visit and help you to learn Spanish through different experiences.

Drop by!

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