viernes, 12 de septiembre de 2014

Puerto López

Weekend trip to the cost with the Notre Dame students of 2014

 The whole group, plus some teachers and Rosa, our beloved school's owner, went all the way down to Puerto Lopez to spent some relxing time on the cost.

Puerto Lopéz is a very small harbour that is famous for being closely located to the island "Isla de la Plata", which is considered to be the Galapagos' small brother.
During this time of the year, Puerto López is highly visited by Ecuadorians, as well as foreigners because of the humpbuck wahles that are passing along the coast.
Whale watching is kind of a big deal this time of the year :)
How could we have skipped the beach "los Frailes"!?
Always part of the trip is this gem, close to Puerto López.
This small beach provides the best atmosphere that you need for relaxing:

Sand as soft as cotton and the ocean greenish-blue and quiet and very few people!

Only los Frailes would be enough reason to travel to the cost!