jueves, 2 de julio de 2015

Cooking class at Vida Verde


Llapingachos are fried potato cakes that originated in Ecuador, Ambato. They are, usually, served with peanut sauce but there are many variations. The potato patties or thick pancakes are stuffed with cheese and cooked on a hot griddle until they are crispy brown.

In Ecuador, they are sometimes made with mashed, cooked yuca, or cassava, instead of potato (which is delicious).

The dish on the foto is fried, mashed potatoes surrounding a center of cheese which is generally served with baked or fried pork or sausages. It is, typically, served with avocado, sausage, fried egg, tomato and lettuce salad on the side. This dish forms part of Ecuador's culture and is one of the representative icons of Highland food. Llapingachos are popular not only in Ecuador's Highlands but also on the coast and eastern provinces. In this way, Llapingachos became a typical Ecuadorian dish enjoyed not only by its inhabitants, but also by people from abroad.

Buen provecho!