viernes, 18 de diciembre de 2015



In ecuador, christmas has a very familiar atmosphere. Traditionally, the whole family reunites to a big dinner early at night. In order to give "Papá Noel", Santa Claus, the chance to bring the presents at midnight, everybody goes to bed early. Then, at 4am in the morning, the family gets up again to open the presents that have been placed beneath the christmas tree.

Other than in the US or in many parts of europe, most of the christmas trees in ecuador are actually fake trees, as it is forbidden to sell of by pine trees because of their rarity in south america.
But one tradition that is similar to the US is the food: Turkey is the typical dish, but as the bird is very expensive, many families compromise by serving chicken.
A definetly typical food from ecuador are the "Pristiños", a sweet dessert made out of fried dough with honey.