martes, 14 de febrero de 2017

Get to know our Spanish School in Ecuador

In keeping with our name, we strive to keep our Spanish school green. Rosa, Vida Verde's founder and director, loves to grow plants indoor and outdoor around the school. :)
Behind the school there is a large patio where teachers and students have coffee and lunch breaks and can enjoy Quito's marvellous sunny days. Many of our school activities also take place there. In the kitchen, coffee and tea is available all day. Wifi is available for all students. The classrooms are private and cozy with plenty of daylight.


Our Spanish school is located in a very pleasant neighborhood close to the tourist district, in the heart of modern Quito. The historic colonial center ("Old Town"), local markets, several parks and many other attractions worth a visit are close by. At our office you can pick up a handy street map of Quito on which we have marked our Spanish school, several parks, neighborhoods and other points of interest.

Vida Verde means Green Life!

Not only do we adorn our school with plants and flowers, but Vida Verde is a part of the growing green movement in Ecuador. We have built partnerships with selected environmental and conservation-based projects. Furthermore we support the Rio Muchacho Organic Farm with 10% of the school's profits.
Vida Verde offers a number of exciting options for students to both study Spanish and participate in responsible ecotourism at the same time. Through our Study in the Jungle and Study on the Coast programs, teachers accompany students and give classes "on location" as part of an integrated study/tourism adventure. We can also assist you in organizing internships within our green partnerships.