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how to prepare for the best vacation possible

In order to best prepare your vacation what are you planning? Are you the type to plan everything by the millimeter or rather the adventurer type?
In this blog article we offer you the essential steps to any good journey that respects itself. It is up to you to select information that concerns you for the perfect planning of your holidays.

1) When and how to leave? 

Choice of destination
First of all it goes without saying, you must choose a destination (certainly you already have it in mind). The idea is to select a starting city instead of a country in general. It is easier to plan your trip from Zagreb than from Croatia. Obviously, the more you do it in advance, the lower the rates will be, but not only. In order to fix you on a destination, informed you on Internet or to exchange with other people in order to select some useful advices.

Country information
One of the most important criteria when choosing a destination is the political and health conditions of the country chosen. Vida Verde recommends this website (available in French and German) to learn more about your destination.

Seasonality is also important in predicting the number of visitors you are likely to find. During the high season mass tourism is generally quite dense. If you decide to go out of season, you will get very advantageous prices, but you may encounter closed activities and monuments.
Furthermore, there is nothing more unpleasant than making a 15-hours trip and then having a week of rain. If it is obviously possible for you to place a holiday whenever you wish.

Transport on site / Flexible itinerary 
Holidays often have their share of unexpected things. Preparing your itinerary too carefully could be dangerous if there is any delay. Plan routes and activities in case of changes. Park your schedule in mind, but the purpose of the holiday is to enjoy and rest and not to go back home stressed out. Create a short list with the monuments you want to visit, restaurants, places of interest, etc. This will give you an overview on the spot and help you avoid getting lost.
Think about your means of transportation. Will you have to take a taxi? The subway? Take long walks? If you take public transport, make sure you know how it works in the country you are travelling to.

Thing to take away
Having taken into account all the weather and seasonality factors mentioned above, you are able to write a checklist with all the necessary equipment (clothes according to the temperature, toiletries, special medicines, bath linen, etc). Doing a checklist in advance prevents you from forgetting essential things that you may forget in the stress of the last day.

2) Organize logistics 

Evaluate expenses 
The cost of your trip will depend largely on what you choose to spend. Spend an hour or two determining what your trip will cost you and your fellow adventurers. Consider including airfare and transportation costs.
Always leave yourself a margin and prefer overpricing rather than underpricing. During a trip, unexpected expenses are inevitable.
- If the result of your calculations is higher than what you are willing to pay, save where you can. If this means shortening your stay, make this sacrifice.
- Once the expenses have been evaluated, you have a more or less defined vision of the amount you will have to pay to go on vacation. So you need to think about saving money for the trip.

do some research
By planning your trip in advance, you can save money on offers and other things you can find online, for your flights or accommodation on site. Find out what activities you can do and look for travel tips for your destination. Look for bargains and buy your hotel nights, museum tickets and flights at reduced prices.
For some destinations like Rome, you can book tickets to the Colosseum and the Vatican. These tickets will allow you to get ahead of anyone who does not have a ticket (queues are often very long). You should go to check if such ticket exists for the places you covet.

It is generally advisable to book your plane tickets about 2 months in advance: this is when airlines start to sell their flights, before going up the price for last-minute travellers.
If you are travelling abroad, take the time to learn the basics of the country's language. You will be very happy to have made the effort and your interlocutors too. Prepare a short list of important words by theme (Restaurant, transport, greetings, etc.)

Travel credit card
If you can, get a travel credit card. Today, many credit cards are associated with major airlines. You can earn miles every time you make an expense. You can use this card for all your daily expenses and see your mileage balance skyrocket. Just make sure you don't get into the red!
Many airlines also have partnerships with department stores such as Amazon or Apple. You can then earn miles by shopping in these stores. What more could you ask for? You shop there anyway, so why not take advantage of it to get a free flight.

3) Taking action 

Book hotel and flight 
Once all your research are done, it's time to get down to business. This is the big moment for reservations. For the flights, if you are flexible on the duration of the journey and that you do not wish to pay too expensive we propose you these 2 sites:; 
Be sure to either download the application to have all bookings in one place or print all documents to prove your booking. 

Travel insurance 
Think about your travel insurance. If you may not want to pay full pot for a minor risk, still make sure you're protected in case you can't travel on the dates you booked your tickets. A travel insurance for one week will usually cost you about 30 dollars. It's not very expensive if you think about the security you'll gain.
Also remember when renting a car to take out additional insurance (certain a little more expensive, but it avoids you having to pay astronomical amounts in case of problem). 

Valid passport 
If you are going abroad, make sure your passport is still valid. In many countries, it must now still be valid three months after your departure date. To travel to certain countries, you will also need a visa. Is it the case of your destination? If so, apply for your visa as soon as possible. If you can't get your visa in time, you can say goodbye to your trip. Unless you find yourself facing a corrupt officer who will settle for a few bills, you will have to turn around and go home.
Keep your passport, travel documents, visa and other such items in a pocket. It would be best to make copies of these documents and keep them in a safe place. It will then be much easier for you to replace a document that you have lost.

Inform family of departure
Inform your loved ones of your departure. Always inform at least one friend of your departure. If possible, leave a number or address where you can be contacted. You can thus be warned in the event of an accident or other event. And if something goes wrong on your end, your loved ones will know where to find you. 
Don't do like Aron Ralston who left without warning anyone and found himself stuck for 127 hours alone in the gorges of Utah (reference to the film 127 hours).

4) Organize details 

What could be more dangerous than going to a destination and realizing on the spot that you do not have the necessary vaccines. In some parts of the world certain types of vaccines are mandatory if you wish to enter. Take the time to inform yourself on various sites including: mentioned above.

Travel light
On vacation, no one ever said to themselves, "I'm so glad I brought my entire wardrobe. Save space in your suitcase for the souvenirs you buy. Also, travelling with a lot of luggage is impractical and restricts your freedom of movement. Only bring what you need.
Just bring basic clothes and two pairs of shoes. No matter how long your trip, you won't need more clothes. A few simple t-shirts and a few pants, shorts or skirts will suffice. You can then assemble them into different outfits.
Roll up your clothes before placing them in your suitcase. This will save you space and allow you to bring back this authentic Tiki torch if you feel like it.

Let's GO 
Get out of here! Itinerary? Check. Passport and visa? Check. Various reservations? Check. All you have to do now is leave and enjoy your vacation. That'll be the easy part. Now it's time to relax!
Leave your personal and professional troubles behind. Otherwise you will have prepared this trip for nothing and will still feel at home. Forget your computer and your phone, it's time for adventure!